IKANO - Matbutiken


KANAL 5 - ID (Tivoli)

SWITCH/R - Start up


ATG - Paralympics 2018

METAL CASINO - Do it like Ozzy, join Metal Casino!


OLYMPIC GAMES 2018 - Billboards and break bumpers (1 of 55)

LEVA 2018 - What goes best with a nice bag in box?

KORVBRÖDSBAGARN - New recipes from Korvbrödsbagarns own masterchef.

SATS - Challenge yourself, try SATS new Boot Camp!

BONJOUR - How to bake tasty semlor for the grocery industry.

NATURAL CYCLES - Introducing an all natural contraceptive.

BIG ZIN - Share with the one(s) you love!

METAL CASINO - Join Dregen as he goes all in for the fans!

ATG - Game on! Bet on horses and support your SHL Team at the same time!

APOTEA - Next generation of films for Swedens biggest online pharmacy!

NiCK'S - Join our fight against sugar!

SVERIGES MODIGASTE - Billboard for the Swedish TV show where you´re supposed to challenge your worst fears.

SJ - New loops for the VIP lounges at the major train stations. 

FASTIGHETSBYRÅN - A project for an estate agent and their aim to always do something extra for their clients. Sorry, can´t show their top secret mission in public, but the film create goose bumps! 

SVEA CASINO - Compare everything!

ELECTROLUX - This sitcom series shows how your Electrolux appliances make your future life easier.

APOTEA - Still going strong with new offers on the pharmacy market.

HP - Do yourself a favor, don´t even try to understand this movie! But don´t worry, the recipients know what we are talking about. This is one of several films for HP.  

LEVA - These are some of many sponsorship sequences for Ullared - the TV show about the Swedish phenomenon "heavy shopping at GeKå's". As always, sponsored by the most popular BIB in Sweden.   

APOTEA - SOS campaign for children across the globe.

ATG - We wish our hard working athletes GOOD LUCK in the RIO paralympics! 

Sponsorship for Svenska Hollywoodfruar.

OLYMPIC GAMES BRAZIL 2016 - Sponsorship. We produced about 48 different sequences like this.