The Swedish Casino Guide

Svea Casino is Sweden's leading casino guide where you easily find generous offers, the most thrilling games and the best casinos online. We were asked to develop a concept that would emphasise what Svea Casino has to offer the consumers whilst still maintaining the fun, easygoing and playful charm that is Svea Casino. After giving it some thought, we came up with the concept of We Take You to the Right Site, where "site" is an equivocal word that in Swedish translates into both "site" and "side". In a series of films we meet a couple of cartoonish characters that depending on their choice of side succeeds or fails in different situations. Svea Casino will simply help you to find the winning side. 

Start Comparing

In our latest film for Svea Casino we focus on the statement "Never Stop Comparing". Is his moustache bigger than mine?! Did he get the better ice cream? Why does he do succeed all the time? In this latest film we also added a graphic segment inorder to expand on the site's functionality and services. 


Baseball is an American game where the most time is spent sitting on your butt, doing nothing but chewing tobacco, scratching your crotch and making sure that your cap is still on your head. But when it comes to action the biggest question remains: Why is it so hard to hit the goddamn ball? Ofcourse it´s impossible to get smashing hits while you´re on the wrong side / site.

Feeding Doves

Our two youngsters are enjoying life in the park. Retirement life? No way. Once again it´s time for new action - feeding the doves! But how do you attract the doves? Some of us do, others don´t! Same issue here, as on the baseball pitch, if you´re on the wrong side you don't get lucky!


Lazy days on the lake, kicking back and fishing with your very best friend. While some simply collect fish from the sea, others find it more or less impossible no matter what lure they use. To get the big catch you´ll need to fish on the right side!


Going to the movies could, and should, be a great adventure. Lights down, music up, popcorn in and roll the film! But please, choose the right side to make sure nothing ruins your fun!

Producing the Svea Casino films has been a very diverse adventure. We have been playing around with animatics in our basement, we have been fishing out of buckets, we have been building extensive sets in big studios and we been early birds filming plates of a calm lake at the break of dawn. 

We love animatics. When producing films at very specific lengths there is not much wiggle room to leave thing to chance. A precise animatic lets us try the timing of everything so that we can foresee any potential problems and adjust before scaling up to the actual shoot. Even though our animatics may be bit goofy it is interesting to compare them with the final film and see how similar they are in all the key aspects.