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We Believe in the Emotional Power of Film and Its Fundraising Potential


VC:s and angels are constantly having startups knocking at their doors. Though most startups bring promising and elaborate business plans they all face the challenge of catching the investors’ attention. It is our belief that film is an emotional media that can spark interest and open doors for our clients and their products.

Armstrong Film has branched out across the Atlantic to what might be described as the tech epicenter of the world, Silicon Valley. We recently became a partner of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce as well as a member of Nordic Innovation House.

Recognizing the onset of successful Scandinavian companies going to the US, we believe that Armstrong Film can offer a unique understanding of communication within the fundraising world of Silicon Valley.

As with most of our clients, Armstrong Film is based in Sweden but we oftentimes visit Palo Alto to stay in touch with the startup community. This gives us the opportunity to combine a result oriented and US-based knowhow with an understanding of the Scandinavian culture and aesthetics.

We see the benefits of working directly with our clients thus handling the entire production line ourselves. In doing so we are able to cut both costs and time consumption. Having a comprehensive understanding of the entire production enables us to create ideas that fit the clients communicative needs whilst still making the most out of our clients budget frames.

In short, we offer ideas that are tailor made to the circumstances thus delivering high end quality productions at a relatively low cost.

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