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Film Knows No Boarders

In our time of global economy most companies find their market expand to all four corners of the world. Boarders are being blurred and as new challenges call for a new global mindset we find ourselves thrilled by the opportunities that have arisen.

For us at Armstrong Film this has been evident as more and more clients not only request films that communicate outside of our domestic market but also by the fact that oftentimes the films need to depict locations and offices spanning across the globe. The need for a more agile and international way of producing film has never been more evident.

Having been established in Sweden for the last 20 years Armstrong Film recently branched out across the Atlantic with an aim is to set up an effective production line that make use of synergies and the respective benefits found in Sweden and the U.S.A. In 2017 we joined as partners to the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco and have since then established a growing network of entrepreneurs, agencies and production resources.

After initially having focused on the communication needs of the many Scandinavian start-ups located in Silicon Valley we have later found ourselves producing films for more established American companies that look for the well known Scandinavian aesthetics alongside the appealing price tag of producing outside of the US. We have also seen an increasing interest from Swedish companies looking to expand to the American market.

We believe that our unique presence spanning across the Atlantic offers an accessible collaboration for many international companies. By placing most of our pre- and postproduction in the more budget friendly city of Stockholm we are able to slim the budgets whilst still making sure our boots walk on American soil when needed.

Depending on the project Armstrong Film collaborates with both Swedish and American agencies. We also work directly with our clients on productions that require a more streamlined timetable and/or budget. Either way, we offer a comprehensive understanding of the entire production line which enables us streamline ideas to fit the clients communication needs whilst still making the most out of our clients budget frames.

In short, we offer ideas that are tailor made to the circumstances thus delivering high end quality productions at a relatively low cost.

We do this on both sides of the Atlantic.

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