KORVBRÖDSBAGARN - New recipes from Korvbrödsbagarns own masterchef.

SATS - Challenge yourself, try Sats new Boot Camp!

BONJOUR - How to bake tasty semlor for the grocery industry.

NATURAL CYCLES - Introducing an all natural contraceptive.

BIG ZIN - Share with the one(s) you love!

METAL CASINO - Join Dregen as he goes all in for the fans!

ATG - Game on! Bet on horses and support your SHL Team at the same time!

APOTEA - Next generation of films for Swedens biggest online pharmacy!

NiCK'S - Join our fight against sugar!

Sveriges Modigaste - Billboard for the Swedish TV show where you´re supposed to challenge your worst fears.

SJ - New loops for the VIP lounges at the major train stations. 

FASTIGHETSBYRÅN - A project for an estate agent and their aim to always do something extra for their clients. Sorry, can´t show their top secret mission in public, but the film create goose bumps! 

SVEA CASINO - Compare everything!

ELECTROLUX - This sitcom series show how your Electrolux appliances make your future life easier.

APOTEA - Still going strong with new offers on the pharmacy market.

HP - Do yourself a favor, don´t even try to understand this movie! But don´t worry, the recipients know what we are talking about. This is one of several films for HP.  

LEVA - These are some of many sponsorship sequences for Ullared - the TV show about the Swedish phenomenon "heavy shopping at GeKå's". As always, sponsored by the most popular BIB in Sweden.   

APOTEA - SOS campaign for children across the globe.

ATG - We wish our hard working athletes GOOD LUCK in the RIO paralympics! 

Sponsorship for Svenska Hollywoodfruar.

Sponsorship for the Olympics on VIASAT. We produced about 48 different sequences like this. (OK we admit, we did´t go all the way to Brazil to shoot this, we did this in Costa Rica).