Safe and secure

F-Secure is a European cyber security company specialized in defending consumers against everything from opportunistic ransomware infections to advanced cyber attacks. Armstrong Film, in collaboration with Humblestorm, got the brief to dramatise real case scenarios and scare the living daylights out of the audience. The film was used to jump start a conference held by F-Secure, prompting the audience to actually feel the threat rather than simply understand a powerpoint presentation.


Is your home safe? All your future appliances will be connected to the outside world in some way. Make sure no one is able to take control of your connected home by letting F-Secure secure all points of access!

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The F-Secure production stands out as the impossible made possible. It is with a great sense of pride that we conclude that the final film does not reflect the challenging circumstances under which it was made. Setting a new record, the small and multitalented crew of only 5 people, together with a solution-orientated agency managed to capture all of the scenes during a mere 6 hour shoot.