The Best Food Is Shared

Korvbrödsbagarn is one of Europe's largest bakeries specialised in burger and hot dog buns. When buying products from Korvbrödsbagarn you can be sure that you will get fresh and tasty bread free from food preservatives. In close collaboration with the marketing department at Korvbrödsbagarn, Armstrong Film has developed a number of film concepts over the years. We brought the iconic characters of Orvar & Börje into 3D and we launched new product lines such as Brooklyn, Bistro and the Ecological bread.

A Final Touch

When Korvbrödsbagarn was launching their new product line, we were thrilled to bring their brand outside of its homestead, so to speak. We wanted to emphasise the social aspect of how people gather around the dinner table and we wanted to add a warm but rugged aesthetics to reflect the food's street heritage. Furthermore, we wanted to add a bit of fairy tale shimmer by opting for a narrator rather than a speaker. 

Whilst being open for new creative ideas on set, having a well thought through story board to rely on is key. This way, we ensure a final film that stays true to the script without blocking any unforeseen possibilities that might occur during the actual shoot.


Before going on set we like to make sure that our ideas with regards to framing, timing etc. will actually work when put together. Having a precise animatic facilitates our work and lets us make informed decisions when working within a tight time frame.


As the film heavily depended on a cozy and inviting setting we put som extra effort into finding  the perfect location. After some extended scouting we finally came across a rugged yet beautiful barn outside of Stockholm. With the great creativity of our production designer and with some long hours of dressing the set we managed to turn the empty barn into room full of color and life. Though the final film may look warm and comfy our lasting impression of the shoot is that of a freezing winter wind sweeping trough the exposed barn. 

Summer with Orvar & Börje.

We were asked to create a contemporary version of the iconic characters Orvar & Börje. First created in 1957, the 2D illustration of Orvar & Börje has become somewhat of a Swedish classic that is associated with childhood and good times. We decided to draw on that fact and created 3D versions of the characters that were full of color and playfulness. After a very successful first campaign we then created a film to advertise Korvbrödsbagarn's collaboration with Legoland as well as a sponsorship for the Swedish Offcom channels.

The Reunion

The new characters were first relaunched in a classic film scene where we see them running towards each other in slowmotion.


I collaboration with Legoland, consumers were offered tickets to the theme park when buying products from Korvbrödsbagarn.

Who's There?

After a few weeks we released the next film where our friends can be found barbecuing. In total, a very successful campaign close to the brand identity.

Summer Greetings

In order to maintain Korvbrödsbagarn's presence during the summer, Orvar & Börje were featured in a sponsorship where they sent their summer greetings.