Smart and Good Looking

 What if your appliances could help you get a safer and cleaner indoor environment? Armstrong Film regularly helps Electrolux Design to bring their groundbreaking innovations to life. What could be better than using the moving media to showcase how every day life in the future might be?  

Keeping Our Children Safe

How do we create appliances for our children? Is it possible to combine the Electrolux technology with the fun of toys? Can we ensure the wellbeing of our children whilst sparking their imagination. Can we stay true to the sleek and beautiful design that we have come to associate Electrolux and still make it playful.

The Feel of Fresh Air

Air. Fresh and safe air. Electrolux Design has worked hard, not only create products that ensure you clean and healthy air in you indoor environments, but to really give ju the sensation of a crisp morning breeze. Furthermore, they create smart and connected products that keep track of your habits to stay one step ahead of you.