Bringing Food to the Table

AXA is part of Lantmännen Ceralia that develops, produces and markets mainly grains for a number of well known brands. For over 100 years, AXA has delivered natural and healthy oats from their mills in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Armstrong film is proud to say that we have produced several commercials for the Scandinavian market in a close collaboration with the marketing department at Lantmännen.  

Super Oats – Directly from the Mill in Moss

Since 1907, the Norwegians have enjoyed a healthy breakfast made of oats from the mills of AXA. Armstrong Film took on the challenge of depicting a 110 year journey in a mere 10 second film. We had to rethink after Norwegian politicians stopped our production by demanding 8 weeks of paperwork before letting us fly a helicopter over Jotunheimen. However, that prompted another great idea. Focusing on how the packaging design has evolved over the years we told the story of how the oats has remained a constant on the Norwegian breakfast table. Staying true to the theme off the film, we combined old and rare original packaging  with modern day motion control technology in our green screen studio. 


The concept, consisting of 2 films,  told the story of the story of how healthy oats can give you the energy to live your life to the fullest and perhaps fulfil your biggest dreams. In the first film, we meet a girl who dreams about bringing her guitar to the big stage.                                                                  

A Good Start

With the energy of super oats you lay the foundation for a great day. The film was made to put a strong focus on delicious servings as well as to tell the story of the power within.

Havre Kvikk

Enjoy oats in a practical and tasty way with the new Havre Kvikk. We wanted to capture a dream that also highlighted how oats are a great source of energy for those who are physically active. In the second film we meet a young boy practicing for the big league.                                                           

Give Others a Good Start

I collaboration with the renowned Danish health coach Chris McDonald, AXA endorses the fund Just Human that works to improve the hearth of children in Denmark. Though being a Danish production, the circumstances of the production lead us to film in a villa outside of Stockholm.