The New Pharmacy is Sweden's first pharmacy to only be found online. They aim to improve service and to simplify the task of shopping for medication and prescription medicine. Their focus on service and safety has earned Apotea the title Sweden's Best Online Store for a number of consecutive years. Armstrong Film has developed and produced brand building CRS films as well as films that showcase their different product lines.

Save the Baltic with Apotea and WWF

Apotea is a strong suporter of WWF's work in trying to save the Baltic Sea from from its dramatic degradation. By informing the public on the devastating effects pharmaceutical pollution has on this vulnerable sea Apotea hopes to stop left-over medicine from being disposed into our outlets. Together with the marketing department at Apotea we developed the concept of The Baltic Sea is ill -but doesn't need our medicine


Closing Your Eyes Might Be Easy

Apotea is a main partner of SOS Children's Villages and since 2015 they endorse the efforts in Cambodia and Hammarkullen. In 2015 alone, Apotea and their customers collected over 2,3 million SEK to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children around the globe. In 2016 Apotea wanted to help even more. Together with their marketing department we developed the concept of Closing your eyes might be easy.

Quick, Affordable, Free Shipping

Shopping at is affordable and ensures you a quick delivery free of charge. Each month Apotea launches new films to showcase parts their wide range of products. Consumers are repeatedly reminded that Apotea is a full-service pharmacy with the easy and accessibility of online shopping. The films are produced in a cost-efficient way where plates are used to enable a versatile and fast workflow. We produce the films and their content together with our friends at Apotea.